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Tel: 562.789.7212

Verification of Absences

It is a parent/guardian’s responsibility to ensure that the appropriate school personnel receives the verification of absences. The parent/guardian should assess the maturity level of his/her child to determine if he/she should be responsible for turning in absence verification or if it would be more secure for the parent/guardian to submit the verification to the office, call or email the office directly. When students return to school after an absence, they must present a satisfactory explanation verifying the reason for the absence within one week of the date of the absence. Verifications not received during this period are considered unexcused and will not be changed.

Independent Studies Program - If you know, in advance, that your child will be absent from school 5 or more consecutive days, it is requested that the parent consider enrolling the student in the Independent Study Program. It is important to give the school at least two week’s notice that you are interested in this program so that they can make appropriate arrangements.

District Policy
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